A bit of reorganisation

Today I reorganised and restructured the section of my personal website that deals with Websites and Blogs:

  • websites I have been involved in creating now have their own Websites page;
  • blogs I contribute to now have their own Blogs page;
  • I have created a separate listing of the 170 blog posts I wrote between February 2007 and November 2012 for the Transient Languages and Cultures blog that later become the Endangered Languages and Cultures blog.

As always, comments and feedback on any of these new sections are welcome.

2 thoughts on “A bit of reorganisation

  1. Dear Professor Austin
    I am drafting an article about the associations of the name Kungardutyi with languages, places and people in the Corner Country. I am not a linguist and my article examines these associations from an ethnohistorical perspective.
    I was initially corresponding with Gavan Breen on this topic, but he had to withdraw his help this last year because of health concerns and urgent language work.

    My article builds upon the findings of the late Luise Hercus. Years ago, Luise and I had two field trips to northwest NSW and SW Queensland, and while she recorded language information, I recorded ethnohistorical and family history material.

    It would help my research if I could have a look at Bernhard Schebeck’s 1978 MS “A Note on Kungkatutyi” to see whether he regards this language to be the same as a language known as Wangkumara or some other language; and to see whether he noted some place associations for it.

    According to the Internet, the MS is held at La Trobe University. However, I can’t ask the university for a copy because I’m not attached to that university; and the MS is not available through the La Trobe Open portal. Neither is a copy held at AIATSIS.

    I am hoping you may have a copy of the MS. If you do have one, if possible, please could you email me a copy.

    Thanks very much
    Kind regards
    Fiona Powell

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