Upcoming training

From 10th to 114th June 2023 I will be participating in the Language Documentation Summer School (LDSS 2023) at the L’Orientale University in Naples. I will be contributing the following course components:

1. What is linguistic fieldwork? Goals and outcomes

  • what is fieldwork? why do we do it? where do we do it?¬†
  • defining description/documentation/revitalisation
  • overview of types of approaches¬†to fieldwork (library, office, mud hut, online, collaboration in cyberspace)

2. Fieldwork data and research methods

  • what counts as data? ideologies versus performances, role of metadata
  • overview of research methodology and methods
  • elicitation, judgements, experiments, narratives, conversations, participant observations
  • corpus management hints

3. Ethics and rights in field-based research

  • ethics principles, informed consent
  • legal frameworks, GDPR and other rules
  • rights — copyright, moral rights, access and use licences
  • relationships in the field and after, reciprocity

Early bird registration in the summer school is open until 15th June 2023, and regular registration until 30th June 2023.

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