Online talk slides available

My invited webinar for the Department of Linguistics, Central University of Rajasthan, on 31 October 2020 about “Local and Global Linguistic Diversity – what is it and what can we do about it?” was attended by 90 people. You can now download the presentation.

Online talk 31 October 2020

I have been invited to present at talk in the online Linguistics seminar series of Central University of Rajasthan, India at 11:30GMT on Saturday 31st October 2020. The title is “Local and Global Linguistic Diversity – what is it and what can we do about it?”. I will circulate information about accessing the talk later, and will post the slides from the presentation on my website after the talk.

SEL online talk 3 October

I gave at talk in this online series organised by the Society for Endangered and Lesser Known Languages, India, at 11:30am GMT on Saturday 3rd October 2020. The title is “Language documentation, language description, and language revitalisation: snog, marry, avoid?” A pdf of my presentation is available for download here.

Disponible en Español

My paper on ‘Communities, ethics and rights in documentary linguistics’ is now available in Spanish translation:

Austin, Peter K. 2019. Comunidades, ética y derechos en lingüística de la documentación. In Lucía Golluscio, Paola Pacor, Florencia Ciccone, Marta Krasan (eds.) Lingüística de la Documentación: textos fundacionales y proyecciones en América del Sur, 169-192. Spanish translation of Austin 2010. Buenos Aires : Eudeba & Universidad de Buenos Aires. link

Website launched

I announced the existence of this website on Facebook today so it is officially launched. My thanks for their comments and helpful feedback on pre-launch versions to Lise Dobrin, Jeff Good, David Nathan, Julia Sallabank, and Tony Woodbury.

New publication

Today we published the 18th volume of Language Documentation and Description. It is a special issue that deals with the phonology, morphology, and syntax of Sylheti, a minority language spoken in Bangladesh, India and diaspora communities in the UK, USA and elsewhere. You can read my post about the volume on EL Blog, and download all the papers for free from LDD 18.

Website extended

Today I added more categories in the main menu, especially sections on Blogs, Publishing, and my Publications, with sub-menus for the Publications category. A full listing of my 18 books, 50 book chapters and 47 journal articles has now been completed, with links for some of the items to downloadable PDFs — over time I will add more of these links to make my work available for others. I added some more information in the ‘About me’ page, as well as on the main home page.