Blogs and podcast

I started blogging on 7th February 2007 when I contributed this post to what was the Transient Languages and Cultures website, and later became the Endangered Languages and Cultures website. I wrote 170 posts for this blog over almost six years (from 7 February 2007 to 10 November 2012) — there is a full listing of my posts here.

Currently, I contribute to the following blogs:

  • Ngayana Diyari Yawarra Yathayilha — was originally set up in 2013 to support a language revitalisation project initiated by the Dieri Aboriginal Corporation that was funded by an Indigenous Languages Support (ILS) grant from the Department of Regional Australia, Local Government, Arts and Sport. The project ran for the period July 2012 to September 2013. The ILS project included linguists Greg Wilson and myself. The ILS project ran workshops and developed materials to support Diyari language revitalisation, and this blog reports on the progress of the project, and subsequent work on the Diyari language.
  • Jiwarli language blog — presents information about the Jiwarli language, traditionally spoken in the north-west of Western Australia and includes traditional stories and personal reminiscences in Jiwarli with their English translations.
  • Languages of the Gascoyne Region, Western Australia — presents information about the Aboriginal languages traditionally spoken between the Gascoyne and Ashburton Rivers in the north-west of Western Australia.
  • EL Blog — which provides a place for challenge and debate around topics in endangered languages. Here I post mostly news about our publishing activities, as well as occasional opinion pieces
  • Ogmios Blog — this is the blog of the Foundation for Endangered Languages which I co-edited from 1st January to 14th August 2020. You can find all my posts here.

I contribute to a podcast called Dieri Yawarra which is available on Spotify at