I strongly believe in communicating to the general public the results of our research and work with communities. I have been involved in doing this in several ways:

  1. Books and articles — the book “1000 Languages” which I edited in 2008 is a general introduction to diversity of languages around the world. It has been translated into ¬†German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Rumanian, Estonian, Japanese, and Icelandic;
  2. Endangered Languages Week — this was a series of talks, presentations, and interactive events organised at SOAS from 2007 to 2013. More information, including posters and programmes, is available here;
  3. Exhibitions — I have been involved with several exhibitions, working with artists to highlight language diversity;
  4. Public talks — I have given talks for general audiences at the University of Hong Kong, the Central Institute of Indian Languages, the British Museum, and Gresham College.