Gamilaraay project

Gamilaraay (also spelled Kamilaroi) is an Australian Aboriginal language traditionally spoken in the north-west of New South Wales from the Upper Hunter River valley to the Namoi River near the border with Queensland. It is closely related to Yuwaalaraay (our Eularoi) and Yuwaalayaay, traditionally spoken to its west.

Approximate location of Gamilaraay and related languages (from

I have been studying this language and its culture since my first fieldwork in Tamworth, Moree, and Boggabilla in April 1972, when I was an undergraduate student at the Australian National University. I carried out further fieldwork in 1973, and have continued to do research and publish on it up to today. Here are some available publications and websites (click on the links to visit or download them):

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For other materials on Gamilaraay-Yuwaalaraay-Yuwaalayaay please visit this website. There is also this Facebook page.

The languages are now taught in schools across northern New South Wales, as well as at the University of Sydney and the Australian National University.