Sasak and Samawa project

Sasak and Samawa are Austronesian languages spoken on Lombok and Sumbawa Islands respectively, in eastern Indonesia.

Location of Samawa language, Sumbawa Island, eastern Indonesia (from
Approximate Linguistic Map of Lombok Island, eastern Indonesia (from

I have carried out fieldwork on both languages, commencing in 1995, and have done research on the grammatical structure of both languages as well as their sociolinguistics. I collaborated with Yon Mahyuni, who wrote his PhD thesis on Sasak at University of Melbourne, and with Herman Suheri, Nur Ahmadi, Lalu Hasbollah, Lalu Dasmara, Sudirman, and Syahdan. I am currently working on a project with Prof Bernd Nothofer of Frankfurt University supported by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation to study the complex speech levels system of Sasak and its historical origins.


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