Presentations and Talks

I have been involved in various conferences, training courses, workshops, and teaching programmes dealing with principles and practices in language documentation, linguistic fieldwork, and language revitalisation over many years. Most of these are aimed at knowledge and skills development for early career researchers (MA, PhD students and post-doctoral researchers). For many presentations the materials (PDFs of Powerpoint slides and/or handouts) are available for viewing and download under a creative commons licence CC-BY-NC (Attribution-NonCommercial). The following list for 2021 goes from most recent (or forthcoming) to oldest. Links to previous years are below.

2021 Presentations
FieldLing International School in Linguistic Fieldwork, 9 September 2021, organised by CNRS in Paris, “Corpora and archiving in language documentation, revitalisation, and fieldwork” — download presentation
Poumai Naga Literature Society, 24 June 2021, “Why and how can endangered languages be revitalised and supported? — download presentation
Society for Endangered and Lesser-known Languages Pakistan, 28 May 2021, “Beliefs and Ideologies in Policy Formation for Endangered Languages” — download presentation

Previous years: