Presentations and Talks

I have been involved in various conferences, training courses, workshops, and teaching programmes dealing with principles and practices in language documentation, linguistic fieldwork, and language revitalisation over many years. Most of these are aimed at knowledge and skills development for early career researchers (MA, PhD students and post-doctoral researchers). For many presentations the materials (PDFs of Powerpoint slides and/or handouts) are available for viewing and download under a creative commons licence CC-BY-NC (Attribution-NonCommercial). The following list for 2022 is in chronological order. Links to previous years are below.

2022 Presentations
22 AprilInvited talk, University of Iceland, Vigdis Centre for Multilingualism and Intercultural Understanding. Revitalising Indigenous Languages and Cultures: A Global Perspective. download
19 MayInvited talk, Conference on Heritage Languages Around the World (HLAW), Lisbon. Issues and challenges in language endangerment and heritage languages: some Australian examples. download
24 JuneInvited talk, Workshop on “Beyond the clause: encoding and inference in clause combining”, Leuven, Belgium. Linking and unlinking clauses — some Australian examples
11-15 JulyInvited lectures, Summer School on Language Documentation and Preservation, University of Tuscia, Italy.

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