Online talk 31 October 2020

I have been invited to present at talk in the online Linguistics seminar series of Central University of Rajasthan, India at 11:30GMT on Saturday 31st October 2020. The title is “Local and Global Linguistic Diversity – what is it and what can we do about it?”. I will circulate information about accessing the talk later, and will post the slides from the presentation on my website after the talk.

SEL online talk 3 October

I gave at talk in this online series organised by the Society for Endangered and Lesser Known Languages, India, at 11:30am GMT on Saturday 3rd October 2020. The title is “Language documentation, language description, and language revitalisation: snog, marry, avoid?” A pdf of my presentation is available for download here.

Disponible en Español

My paper on ‘Communities, ethics and rights in documentary linguistics’ is now available in Spanish translation:

Austin, Peter K. 2019. Comunidades, ética y derechos en lingüística de la documentación. In Lucía Golluscio, Paola Pacor, Florencia Ciccone, Marta Krasan (eds.) Lingüística de la Documentación: textos fundacionales y proyecciones en América del Sur, 169-192. Spanish translation of Austin 2010. Buenos Aires : Eudeba & Universidad de Buenos Aires. link

Website launched

I announced the existence of this website on Facebook today so it is officially launched. My thanks for their comments and helpful feedback on pre-launch versions to Lise Dobrin, Jeff Good, David Nathan, Julia Sallabank, and Tony Woodbury.